Fight for green

Photo: Tour of Slovenia archives This year, for the first time in history, the Tour of Slovenia cycling race will be broadcast live in its entirety by Eurosport , one of the most-watched television networks in Europe and the world. More

Slovenian Potica

Slovenian potica Potica with tarragon tops Slovenia's gastronomic pyramid as the most distinctly Slovenian specialty. Slovenia is one of the few culinary environments in Europe and worldwide where tarragon is used in sweet pastry dishes. More

Mojca Makuc - Fashion and costume designer

Clothing as a powerful form of non-verbal communication Mojca Makuc. Photo: Stane Jerko For Mojca Makuc, clothing is a powerful form of non-verbal communication that we really don’t take seriously enough, as it shapes both our outer image and what we are in our selves. More

Andreja Sterle Podobnik - The ultra-marathoner who conquered the Himalayas

The ultra-marathoner who conquered the Himalayas Andreja Sterle Podobnik. Photo: Personal archives Andreja Sterle Podobnik is a recreational ultramarathon runner, an entrepreneur, mother and sports enthusiast who in the middle of November 2016 was in the Himalayas, Nepal, when she unexpectedly, and with a huge lead, won a six-day stage race called the Everest Trail Race. More

Easter dishes

The žegen - Easter basket. Photo: Primož Hieng Some parts of Slovenia and the neighbouring regions are known for their great variety of Easter dishes, many of which are common to all these regions, but some are special, typical for a particular region and its cultural features, or even of a particular town or village. More

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