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When you visit/use our website, a so-called cookie is placed in your browser. Cookies are text files that are saved on the user’s computer, and allow analysis of the user’s visit, the number of their visits, and what they are interested in during their visits. A cookie contains the basic information on the user’s visit to a particular website, e.g. the names of the websites they visit on-line. The cookie content is saved into a special folder on the user’s computer. By double-clicking on the file, we can get further details on the visited website, as well as the time and date of the visit. All of these data are also stored by the administrator of the website visited by the user.

The user can change their settings in order to delete, turn off or conditionally use cookies, although this means that they will no longer be able to fully use all the features of the website. Browsers are basically set up in order to accept cookies and reject cookie setting that does not originate from the site indicated in the title bar.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Indispensable cookies will always be installed on your device as they enable our website to function properly. Indispensable cookies include those that allow you to access the website, and enable certain features of the website to function. They do not, however, collect analytical or other data during your visit.

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3rd Party Cookies

Third party cookies include analytical and functional cookies, which are placed on your device by other companies such as Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. These cookies allow you to use plugins and website features that are connected to their social networks and other platforms. They are also used for tracking your use of their services.

Ime piškotkaTrajanjeOpis
_ga 2 years

Google Analytics records differences between users and sessions.

_gid 1 year Google Analytics records new sessions or new users.
Last modification: Wed 23 May 2018

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